Mash up

This week we had a great speaker from Konbit Sante come and speak to the girls about the work they do in Haiti to improve maternal and newborn outcomes.

Now, I know these girls are just awesome, but (after a full day of school) to sit for an hour around that square table and listen while Danny talked about things that are just so hard to get our heads around - it was amazing. Truly. And the questions? They had so many. Hospitals without bandaids? Or running water? Or electricity? You could really see the gears clicking as these girls tried to comprehend the inconceivable.

Danny did a great job of opening up the discussion without making it scary or too heavy for them to handle. Such a fine balance in this work and he hit it perfectly.

A mash up between the light and the dark. The processing and the creating. 

These girls amaze me.

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