~ all ages Wednesdays ~

The past couple of weeks, we've been trying something new ~ an all ages Wednesday meeting for Global Girls. For some time, it's been my intention to see if we (meaning my family and I as well as Global Girls as a group) can swing adding another day to our mix. Since January 2015, we've only done Fridays for all of our regular meetings and this has served us super well. It makes things very clear for families and, being at the tail end of the week, makes for a nice send off into the weekend.

So why mess with something that seems to be working? Well, isn't that the nature of humans? To tinker, to see if we can mix things up...grow them. While I don't plan on growing us too large at this point, I do so love to see my smaller GG whom once their session is done in the fall, I don't have the fun of working with again until the following year (unless they are able to drop by for some of our special occasion meetings or summer camps). Little voices saying, "Kelly, when can we do Global Girls again?" is really the darn cutest. Such a sucker for a heart melt is what I am. Getting as many girls as possible together in community is also a huge plus too, of course. And those middle and older girls? Well, any time I can connect and work with them is a huge treat as well.

These new meetings incorporate games, longer term crafting projects and work on a movement piece and showcase for families at the end of the year. We've matched up some younger girls with older ones for connection as well as ease of work. It can be hard for little ones to wait until an adult's hands are free to have help with little tasks. The younger girls always love having a special buddy of their own as well, especially at the end of a long school day. We are lucky to have some wonderful older girls who really seem to love partnering up and mentoring a younger girl. The perfect match!

This week, we had a smaller group (due to spring vacation) so tweaked the games, dabbled in the movement piece a bit then moved into some serious basket making and weaving. These girls, I tell you...the crafting blows. my. mind. I love the choices they make in design. So brave and creative with their colors too.

Next week we will be adding wind chimes and mobiles to the mix - the perfect time of year for that kind of beauty!