giving workshop

Craft crazy monkeys.

Every. One.

Three Fridays of multi-age crafting with love for loved ones.

These girls inspire...

power up

Our fall was a beautiful, busy, bustle of back to back sessions of empowering girls.

During our meetings, I find my hands so busy with guidance that the camera often sits idle on the sidelines. Somehow, I think that's totally appropriate though.

So, what have we been up to?

For five weeks we had 5-7 year olds exploring metal work in Haiti, worry dolls in Guatemala and star making in the Philippines. With the chance to learn some new art skills, expand minds and play in group games together (not to mention, put on the cutest show in town) these girls are empowered to take a few more steps in some new directions.

Then the next 5 weeks?

Second and third grade!

Making Afghan inspired medallions, Malawian inspirited wire creations and finally, Brazilian infused Mardi-Gras masks.

These girls rocked the craft.

Just a little peek...