~ light ~

puzzle race

lantern decorating

session GG 2/3 (second and third grade Global Girls, fall 2015)

Snippets of light.

My guess is the silk lantern decorating was the highlight for them...or was it making the diwas? They totally got into digging their hands into that clay to scoop out chunky fistfuls to shape them. Then again, the Nigerian mask making was a creative blast too.

Six weeks whizzed by in a snap....

(if you'd like more info about Global Girls, feel free to send along a message! I'd love to hear from you.)

~ wrap ~

Mexico :: some rebozo love and weaving

walking down to the center :: all together now

tired little feet

getting ready for the umbrella parade

and that's a wrap for the GG K/1 session (Global Girls kindergarten and first grade).

These girls.

Can I say, how much sweetness can one be expected to stand? Really. These girls? Oh. My. Heart.

Six little girls paired with six older girls as mentors and that's a recipe for some love.

Some of the best bits to come out of building this compassion initiative are not always the big light bulbs going on but, often, the small seeds planted...the seeds of compassion right here in our own backyard. Bumped knees on the walk down to the center, a helping hand when someone gets a little overwhelmed or frustrated - these bits. To see that beauty play out among these girls is to see...hope.