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After taking a break for the holidays, Global Girls is back with a session for grades 4/5/6 ~ we're off to a fun start!

At our first meeting, (after fueling up on snacks of popcorn, muffins and apples and a quick circle/meeting time) these girls had a good time burning off some energy with super fun (and very active!) group team building (and just for plain fun!) games.

Once the sillies had a chance to settle a bit, we talk about empathy, sympathy & compassion and the differences between these three. The girls were super insightful and also had some of the same mix-ups and hard-to-pin ideas we all can have about what these mean. This is such an important piece for what we do in this session as we go on into exploring other cultures and then, finally, work into our compassionate responses piece in the last few meetings of the session.

We just started our art project when our time was up - more coming on that in a few days!

For now though? Super fun. Love these girls and their energy, insight, and yes - empathy!

(note:  to ensure the privacy of the girls, I do not post identifying images of them so in cases (like today!) where I don't have any non-identifying images to use, I'll post one that will, at least hopefully!, give the reader an idea of our beautiful natural surroundings!)

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