~ Haiti ~

 a little scene from our community breakfast fundraiser from this past weekend. featured are some props we use during our sessions.

Our first cultural exploration landed us in Haiti where the girls learned about Haitian metal art (which led to discussions of why there are so many oil drums in Haiti!), enjoyed some rum cake (rum extract that is!) and had a hand at stamping metal - which is another story.

It seems the blanks we ordered were a little too thick for the girls to work with (even with their 1lb dead blow hammers!) so we will need to order thinner blanks and give this another go. I choose stamping the metal for 2 reasons - the first being that I think this is way safer for the girls to work with than having them cut, bend and hammer sheets of metal.

Call me crazy.

The second is these lovely works of art the girls will be creating will be used as fundraisers during our finale - magic!

The organizations we will be raising funds for, in regards to Haiti, this session are Konbit Sante and Orphelinat Foyer Evangelique Universel. Both of these organizations will be in our "health" component with direct funds going to Evangelique and a "birth kit" assembling fundraiser for Konbit Sante. Two wonderful organizations!

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