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Staying flexible, mentally checking in with the girls and just watching to see what works and what doesn't is a huge part of what we do at Global Girls. I've been encouraged to create some curricula for others to start their own groups far and wide if interested. While I totally love that idea...I do worry.

Following any curriculum stoically doesn't serve anyone...there needs to be breathing room to ditch what isn't working and create something that feels more engaging for the participants. Going through the motions and checking the boxes is so adverse to a vibrant program.

Our girls this session have had a tricky time with the beloved and much looked forward to movement piece. Absences, illnesses, the need to play a little more on some days, and a desire to really dive in and create on other days has meant we may need to do some tweaking come showtime. And you know? That's totally okay.

At the time, the immediate needs they had were being met and if it meant back-burnering one aspect of this session, I'm okay with that. Now, are they okay with that? Some will be more so than others and as part of their group process, we will work through the pieces we need to puzzle together for them to see the big picture of it all and come to agreement and compromise. All such good stuff in the end, really.

Either way, I'll have something as a back up plan ready for them to dive into if it seems the original plan just isn't jiving. Something they can create together that will provide that sense of accomplishment and closure that I think is so vital at the end of these sessions. Then again? Maybe that movement piece will come together at just the right moment.

Isn't that the way often?

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