~ digging in ~

Our 4th, 5th and 6th graders began really digging in to this session. I find a corner seems to turn about this time when the girls find a sense of purpose and really want to get down to work. They actually asked that we begin practice on their movement piece (an inspired movement similar to creative movement) which they totally love to perform for family and friends.

We then moved into our health topic for this session, water and sanitation. Introducing the subject of water access can be such a 'mind blown' moment for many kids since, don't we all just turn on the tap and there it is? Finding out that girls their age walk miles daily, forgoing school and other activities to procure water is such a huge thing to grasp. As always, though we don't dwell, we don't over-informationalize (did I  just make that word up?), we skip stats and the burden of "too much" but work more towards creating a heart connection with the subject. We do this through story and a discussion then move into crafting for change (creating beautiful and fun items for their fundraiser) which leaves them feeling proactive and not the other extreme, apathetic, which can happen when any of us are given information we don't know what to do with...

Currently, they're deciding whether they want funds to go toward a well or toilets - it was so interesting to hear their points advocating for both!

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