~ the upside of small ~

School vacations can often pose tricky planning for our programming. From the beginning, we've powered through, continuing to meet over breaks. This often results in lower numbers but, the upside is a more connected meeting with the girls. The more relaxed nature of a smaller group (well, sometimes!) lends itself to more conversations, insights and a better understanding of the girls, their processes and how I can work to fine tune the program to meet the needs of that particular group.

And the fun? Well, there's still plenty of that.

We worked with our games list to accommodate the smaller numbers (we had 5 girls in attendance). "Wink" was a popular one with them and they played rounds and rounds...and rounds of that one. Throw in a balloon relay where they invented a multitude of variations capped off by some art and I think it was called a good day by all.

Next up - week 5 where we will already be half way through...time flies!

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