We managed to squeeze in 2 sessions of a multi-age camp this summer...My Race is Human found kids working on various weaving projects and rockin' the construction of percussion instruments. Weaving and percussion were chosen not only for their incredible potential for crafting but, primarily, because this is something that unites us as humans - percussion and weaving can be found worldwide and are some of the oldest forms of art.

These kids were cranking out percussion instruments their last day. So much so that my hands were way too busy helping to snap even a quick shot of any of their fantastic creations. I find this to be the case camera lies idle when we're really cruising along. Something I'd like to figure out how to manage a little more fluidly. Hmmm, maybe I need a clone...

I found these kids already totally got the big picture so what it largely turned out to be was a safe space to talk about issues of fairness and social justice. On their own, they were bringing up Rosa Parks and MLK (and these were kindy and first graders who got that ball rolling). They were clearly wanting to talk about equality as, I imagine, many kids might be.

The camp works well as a starting point for discussion on these topics or to dive more deeply into them. It all depends on how deep your group wants to go. I'm in the process of writing up some user friendly guides for this camp. So, stay tuned if you're interested in bringing this super fun event to your neighborhood!

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