Art in action

Hands, hearts and creativity were kept busy today to make so much loveliness for their upcoming finale and fundraiser. Silk scarves and basket weaving filled our 4 hour meeting together - and it flew by!

On April 8th, we will serve a lovely dinner, put on a quick inspired movement piece, have a learning nook were the books and props we used this session will be available for browsing and all of the beautiful items these girls have crafted will be on display for purchase. Proceeds this session will be divided among, Safe Passage, Orphelinat Foyer Evangelique 
and the Malala Fund. This will be in conjuction with the birthing kits the girls will be assembling for Konbit Sante.

Those scarves need to be seen to be believed - gorgeous! And the baskets? I'm amazed at how much diversity came out of them. Funky and fun!

Just in case anyone is looking to replicate these ideas  ~ our scarves came from Thai Silks
and the paints were these. Dick Blick makes a great classroom pack for basket weaving and can be found here.

Wow - these girls have been (and will be) busy!

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