~ shelter ~

Even when we're shy, nervous or apprehensive...offering a conversation, a doorway, a shoulder...a safe landing spot. Shelter.

My little one is sometimes afraid of bugs. To be sure, she is a little daredevil in many other realms but the love of insects has not come easily to her. Still, we weave in a little here and there and she has come around from watching them from a distance to holding them. A little patience. A little time. A little tucking my own occasional squeamishness away in my pocket and putting on my game face.

Here she is - reveling. Pure joy that this dragonfly was trusting her to hold space for it while it rapidly flapped it's wings to dryness. A little shelter. Both renewed.


  1. Love, love those shadow images of dragonflies. And love what you are doing with these girls. Fantastic!

  2. Sweet of you - thank you, Molly!