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This little guy....

Oh my cuteness. Our 14 year old was walking the dog when he (well, the dog really) came upon this little munchkin on the side of the road, sitting in the bottom of a hedge. Not a nest in site or any momma. Our boy came home, grabbed a box, some toweling and set off (with his 6 year old sister in tow) to rescue it.

We called the lovely people at Avian Haven and got an informative message (it was, after all, 8pm). So, as directed, we loosely closed up the box, didn't feed or water it and placed the little critter in a quiet, dark spot. We didn't hear a peep out of him until bright and early- 5am! Then what a solo he gave us! Turns out (according to the folks at Avian Haven) he was a red eyed vireo, a migratory songbird. First one of the year for them (thankfully!) and a lucky little nestling at that since they said he was too young to be on his own and was likely spooked out of his nest.

Such a lovely and sweet experience (although, I imagine, sad for the little munchkin). We were able to (briefly) see a wild songbird up close in its baby stage and he was able to be rehabilitated and grow  up to sing many more songs!

If you'd like to get a sampling of his music, listen here!

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